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> Thanks, Yigal, I stand corrected.
> When Shoshana mentioned that a davka was something that connects us to the
sacred, or something very similar to that (sorry, I don't have her message
before me, so if I misstated what she said, it was not intentional) it
appeared to me that "davka" is an anglicization of a yiddishization of a
Hebrew word meaning to join, adhere or stick to, much the same way "gonef"
and "tsuris" came from Hebrew.
> Now I have a question, what does being precise have to do with connecting
us with the sacred?
> Karl W. Randolph.
What she meant was that the purpose of the law was "precisely" in order to
connect us to the divine. this was in reaction to Marianne's statement that
the Torah goes beyond the Law, which Shoshanna took as belittling the law


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