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Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Wed Aug 18 02:21:00 EDT 2004

Dear Marianne,

you are probably wrong asserting that:

>Even the ancient historians couldn't 
> agree just when Moses had lived.  But they were unanymous on one point--that 
> he lived within the 18th Dynasty, which began with Ahmose I (who fought the 
> Hyksos) and ended when the first Ramesside king took the throne--that being 
> Ramesses I.  

Should you have your Helck, "Untersuchungen zu Manetho", handy you could read that at least 7 late antique sources coincided linking Moses with a 13-th dynasty pharaoh.

Insofar could be Manetho´s Tuthimose a confusion with the Dudimose of the 13-th dynasty too. What concerns a lowering of the middle Egyptian chronology, this is probably unnecessary, against Rohl´s own suppositions. Not the Egyptian chronology is in this segment remarkably lower, but the Hebrew much higher as commonly assumed. The probable date of the Exodus being 1622 BC, as calculated on several independent ways. Very probably coinciding with the eruption of Thera commonly held for 1618 BC or so.

Dealing with a possible date for the exodus within the MBA II has nothing to do with Rohl, but with a chronological option which has till now been excluded out of intelectual comodity. It was too simple to identify Ramses III with the pharaoh of the Exodus on the superficial basis of the calling of a city Pi-Ramesse  in Genesis, (a city with a much longer history beginning in the MB II - the date of its real founding). Instead of asking when the construction of the city of Pi-Ramesse, founded by the hebrew labourers, is attested, one asked after the date of the name, which evidently is no chronologic marker. So did Petersburg change to Leningrad, still being the same city. The whole literature official of the comunist age could however have mentioned this city as Leningrad unaware of the period one had to deal with. 

Best regards,

Bányai Michael

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