[b-hebrew] connections b/w semitic and indo-european languages

Jason Hare jason at jhronline.com
Tue Aug 17 10:26:49 EDT 2004

Trevor & Liz,

Do we have any records of the Hittite language that
the original question regarded? Liz gave two examples,
/pardes/ and /dat/, of loan words from Persian. Do we
have evidence of other specific Indo-European
languages that might have left an influence on early

Thanks for what you've already sent. That was
definitely a speedy reply. :-D


--- "Peterson, Trevor M 06PETERSON"
<06PETERSON at cua.edu> wrote:

> It seems like there are a couple of different issues
> here. The inquiry you received seems to be more
> about influence between Hittite, for instance, and
> Hebrew (better, Canaanite); i.e., interaction
> between two already existing language( familie)s.
> Your question gets more at genealogical
> relationships. There are Persian loanwords that show
> up in later Hebrew and Aramaic material, which would
> be one example of what this person seems to be
> looking for. I'm not as familiar with Hittite loans,
> although Ugaritic would probably be a good place to
> look for them.
> Trevor Peterson
> CUA/Semitics

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