[b-hebrew] connections b/w semitic and indo-european languages

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Tue Aug 17 10:12:16 EDT 2004

Dear Jason,
There are Persian words in the OT which have
survived into Hebrew: pardes, dat, ...
Probably there are more.
Liz Fried

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> Subject: [b-hebrew] connections b/w semitic and indo-european languages
> Does anyone know of any possible connections early on
> between the Indo-European languages and the Semitic
> family? When did they break off of the language tree
> respectively - or did they share roots? I am asking
> because I got the following message from a participant
> on my message board:
> <<Hello. I am from p207.ezboard.com/b***************,
> and I am wondering about any connection between
> Indo-European and Hebrew. Now, I know that there are
> the adopted Latin/Greek words like technology etc...,
> but I'm more curious about words that survive from
> biblical days. Since, the Philistines and Hittites
> were IndoEuropean peoples, one can easily assume that
> the language must have had an impact, being neighbors.
> Do you have any idea (hint: Etruscan is closest to the
> language of the Philistines.)
> Thanks for the time and consideration. Shalom. >>
> I already told him that I would post his question here
> and find out if anyone had any ideas. I am sorta cut
> off from sources at the moment.
> Thanks in advance,
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