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On 17/08/2004 13:03, Walter R. Mattfeld wrote:

>Peter Kirk wrote :
>>Well, Walter, to quote you (from
>>>To the degree that the Bible suggests that Israel dwelt in Egypt for
>>>430 years, and Moses being a "prince of Egypt," supervising the Ark of
>>>the Covenant's construction at Mount Sinai, I have sought the origins
>>>of the Ark of the Covenant and its "Mercy Seat" in Egyptian portable
>>>thrones for gods amongst exemplars of the Late Bronze (ca. 1560-1200
>>>BCE) and Iron Age periods (1200-1000 BCE).
>>He who seeks will find. But have you tried seeking in the Middle Bronze?
>>Has anyone? If this search has not been done, any argument that the Ark
>>dates from the Late Bronze or Iron Age is null and void.
>Dear Peter,
>I might add that those who "follow" Dr. Gerald Aardsma's proposal that the
>Exodus was at the end of the Early Bronze Age when Jericho's walls fell,
>would _disagree_ with you and David Rohl. Put your nickel in and make your
Neither David Rohl nor I have stated that the Exodus was at the *end* of 
the Early Bronze Age. Your statement in 

> Rohl, however, maintains that mainstream archaeologists are in error, 
> Joshua's conquests are to be dated to the end of Middle Bronze II

is in itself in error. Rohl argues this point at some length (p.311 in 
my edition of "A Test of Time") and agrees with "Kempinski [who] has 
thus argued that Jericho fell soon after, or during, the reign of King 
Sheshi, some considerable time before the end of the Middle Bronze Age". 
(Reference to A. Kempinski, "Syrien und Palästina (Kanaan) in der 
letzten Phase der Mittelbronze IIB-Zeit (1650-1570 v. chr.)", Wiesbaden, 
1983, pp.69-74.)

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