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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Aug 17 07:27:39 EDT 2004

On 17/08/2004 09:13, Walter R. Mattfeld wrote:

>Marianne Luban wrote :
>"Walter Mattfield--where are you?  Don't
>you have a picture of a typical portable shrine somewhere online?"
>Yes, the following url will take the interested viewer to a number of
>proposals by various scholars.
Well, Walter, to quote you (from 

> To the degree that the Bible suggests that Israel dwelt in Egypt for 
> 430 years, and Moses being a "prince of Egypt," supervising the Ark of 
> the Covenant's construction at Mount Sinai, I have sought the origins 
> of the Ark of the Covenant and its "Mercy Seat" in Egyptian portable 
> thrones for gods amongst exemplars of the Late Bronze (ca. 1560-1200 
> BCE) and Iron Age periods (1200-1000 BCE).

He who seeks will find. But have you tried seeking in the Middle Bronze? 
Has anyone? If this search has not been done, any argument that the Ark 
dates from the Late Bronze or Iron Age is null and void.

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