[b-hebrew] Re: Relevance Theory & Hebrew Semantics

C. Stirling Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 17 02:24:54 EDT 2004

On 8/16/04 8:06 PM, "Eduard C Hanganu" <eddhanganu at hotmail.com> wrote:

> You mentioned something about the difficulty of  “reconstructing the
> contextual semantic domain of the verb CWR (Ex 32:4).” This sounds confusing
> to me.


The term "contextual semantic domain" is being used as sort of a loose
equivalent of "cognitive frame." I am currently exploring the shared
insights common to frame theory and relevance theory.

Thanks for the list of resources, I am somewhat new to pragmatics but I have
read works by most of the authors you mention.

> Recent application of linguistics in Biblical exegesis indicates that
> meaning resides in discourse and not in the etymology or morphology of a
> word or even in the syntax of a sentence but in the semantic unit of the
> discourse fragment. I believe we need to focus our efforts in this area when
> we look for the intended meaning of the authors of the books of the Bible.

I understand and agree. I have been preaching this doctrine among the Greeks
for 8 years or more.

Thank you,
Clay Bartholomew 

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