[b-hebrew] Relevance Theory & Hebrew Semantics

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> ...
>David Rohl not withstanding, ...

And the minimalists notwithstanding. And those who date the Torah to the 
divided kingdom era notwithstanding.

>... the type of ark described in the Torah made by 
>Bezalel et al, conforms exactly to the type of portable shrine seen during the 
>New Kingdom, (beginning with the 18th Dynasty) in which effigies of the gods 
>were transported. ...

David Rohl ("From Eden to Exile" p.201) states that "It was designed in 
the form of an Egyptian robing box, countless numbers of which Bezalel 
had made during his time as a slave in the royal workshops of Avaris. 
The one difference was that this box was portable..." Are such boxes in 
fact attested from the 13th dynasty or earlier?

>... The "horns" described altars, etc. were the cavetto cornice 
>used on just about every sacred structure during this period.

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