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Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Sun Aug 15 15:06:00 EDT 2004

Marianne Luban wrote:

> One thing is certain about Eusebius--he believed in an exodus of the Jews 
> from Egypt and seems to have been at one with Artapanus regarding the details.  
> See his "Praeparatio Evangelica".  Bar Hebraeus, a man who wrote the history of 
> the world in Syriac, agreed with these, as well.  They placed an exodus 490 
> years after the era of Abraham.

Yes, of course, but here I adressed just the contemption Eusebius would have manipulated Sanchiunaton toward a likeliness with the biblical material. There is however no likeliness in these excerpts excepting a couple of reasonably expectable details in Sanchiunaton, as reported by Philo over Eusebius.

I myself beleave it to be extremely unlikely that the exodus has no significant historical background. See just the massive anti-jewish literature especially from late-antique Egypt Josephus does polemise against. There is no single historian however virulent against the Jews who would try to negate the reality of the exodus. Should there have existed the slightest possibility for any of these autors to state - the exodus is an invention - they would have made this. Fact is, not a single one has done this. So do modern historians working from the side of such a hipothetical basis have the time running against their arguments. The single still working argument is an "ex silentio" in all its variations.

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