[b-hebrew] Torah

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sat Aug 14 22:22:58 EDT 2004

Thank you, Dave

Actually I thought I was AGREEING with Marianne when she said:

>Our Torah has been
>revered for so many generations, I believe, not just because it 
>contains the Law
>of Moses.  I think it goes beyond even that and that Jews even forgot why the
>Torah is so holy and just assumed it must be on account of the Law.

I just added that most Jews I know did not forget why the Torah is so holy.

I don't know why Marianne got so angry at me, and I don't know why 
people who believe in G-d and the Divine origin of things, are called 


> Please, fundamentalists--go in peace.  But do not try to divide this forum
> into "believers" and "unenlightened".

Um, you're the one doing that.  Shoshanna has been on this list for many years
now and has always treated other views with great respect, even while
disagreeing with them.  She has earned at least the same level of deference
and respect for her views.  There's no need for her or anyone else to "go"
anywhere, in peace or otherwise.

Dave Washburn

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