[b-hebrew] Amalekites!

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"Davka" is one of those Hebrew/Yiddish words which have no real translation
into any other language. It means something like"on purpose", or "just so"
or, "just to spite". So what Shoshanna meant was "law it contains is
PRECISELY for the purpose of connecting ourselves with that holiness (and
not, as claimed, the opposite)".


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> > That is not true at all.  Some Jews may have forgotten, but most of
> > the Jews I know, know without a doubt that the Torah (written and
> > oral) contains within it all knowledge, past present and future, and
> > that the law it contains is DAVKA for the purpose of connecting
> > ourselves with that holiness.
> For the benefit of us goyim (= non-Jews), what exactly is DAVKA? The
> word is familiar to me only as the name of a Hebrew word processing
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