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A new issue of DavarLogos (3.1 [2004]) has appeared some weeks ago and 
includes the following articles and reviews. We are happy to report that we 
could maintain our very economical subscription rates for 2004 (US$20.00 
individual and US$30.00 institutional). Enquiries should be directed to

Dr. Gerald A. Klingbeil
Editor DavarLogos
Universidad Adventista del Plata
25 de Mayo 99
3103 Libertador San Martín/Entre Ríos
e-mail: kling at uap.edu.ar

DavarLogos is an international peer-refereed journal that welcomes 
submissions focusing upon biblical and theological studies (including their 
respective sub-disciplines)

For more information visit www.uap.edu.ar/davarlogos


“Imagina un diálogo después de la tragedia: un estudio exegético de Amós 
6:8-14” by Raúl Quiroga (pp. 1-12)

“Uso e interpretación de la poesía en el Nuevo Testamento” by Alejo Aguilar 
(pp. 13-22)

“‘God Has Spoken Through His Son’: The Theology of Sonship in Hebrews 
1” by David Abernathy (pp. 23-35)

“La escatología secular contemporánea: ¿retorno a la inmanencia?” by 
Fernando Aranda Fraga (pp. 37-55)

“‘Para que su iglesia florezca’: factores que promueven el crecimiento de 
iglesia. Parte IV” by Daniel J. Rode (pp. 57-74)

Book reviews:

Cress, James A. Estrategias para retenerlos, si le interesa. Newbury Park, 
Calif.: Publicaciones El Camino, 2003. Pp. 192. (Daniel J. Rode—pp. 75-77)

Esser, Wolfgang. Die philosophische Gottsuche. Von der Antike bis Heute. 
München: Kösel, 2002. Pp. 447. (Raúl Kerbs—pp. 78-80)

Green, Alberto R. W. The Storm-God in the Ancient Near East. Biblical and 
Judaic Studies 8. Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2003. Pp. xviii + 363. 
(Martin G. Klingbeil—pp. 80-84)

Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti. An Introduction to Ecclesiology: Ecumenical, 
Historical and Global  Perspectives. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 
2002. Pp. 238. (Daniel O. Plenc—pp. 84-87)

Knapp, Markus y Theo Kobusch, eds. Religion-Metaphysik(kritik)-Theologie 
im Kontext der Moderne/Postmoderne. Berlin-New York: Walter de Gruyter, 
2001. Pp. vi + 362. (Raúl Kerbs—pp. 87-89)

Pardee, Dennis. Les textes rituels. Fascicules 1-2. Ras Shamra-Ougarit XII. 
Paris: Éditions Recherche sur les Civilisations, 2000. Pp. 1307. (Gerald A. 
Klingbeil—pp. 90-92)

Suh, Myung Soo. The Tabernacle in the Narrative History of Israel from 
Exodus to the Conquest. Studies in Biblical Literature 50. New York-
Washington D.C.: Peter Lang, 2003. Pp. xvii + 182. (Raúl Quiroga—pp. 92-

Dr. Gerald A. Klingbeil
River Plate Adventist University, 25 de Mayo 99
3103 Libertador San Martin/Entre Rios, ARGENTINA

Professor of OT and ANE Studies
Director of Research Institute/Theology Faculty
Editor DavarLogos

kling at uap.edu.ar

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