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On 03/08/2004 22:55, Kevin P. Edgecomb wrote:

>---- Peter Kirk <peterkirk at qaya.org> wrote:
>>Another option is that it suggests that Kevin Edgecomb, without 
>>understanding of the factors of population and 
>>econcomic growth in the region, could not believe the larger numbers in 
>>the surviving text to be correct, and set about 
>>to remedy the perceived errors.
>Well, Peter, that's constructive.  If you would provide some bibliography on precisely those topics in which I've erred, it would be appreciated.  Though much was dealt with in the materials I list in the bibliography on the web page, providing precisely the numbers of population indicated by the realia, I'm sure more specific input will be useful.
>The numbers I obtain are not unbelievable, nor are they incredibly small.  They show a healthy and continued growth of the two kingdoms throughout their histories.
I consider it incredible that the nation which conquered Canaan was as 
small as 6000 people. I would dispute not only Lucas' figures for 
population growth but the whole methodology, as growth rates depend on 
so many factors which we can only guess at after 3000 years. I am not 
arguing for three million either. But your approach is little more than 

We do have some evidence that numbers were adjusted by copyists and 
redactors, from the differences between Kings and Chronicles, between MT 
and LXX, etc. But if I remember rightly these nowhere evidence 
multiplications by 10, let alone 100, but rather more subtle inflation 
of figures. That is far more likely to have happened.

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