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Hallo Marianne:

very interesting your text. I never heard of it however. Is there a newer publication of the text around?

Ipuwer has also a big number of coincidences with the Balaam text and the biblical account. For example: "Indeed, the fire has gone up on high and its burning goes forth against the enemies of the land" etc, etc. Ahmose might referr to the same events in retrospective (which once led to the Hyksos invasion).

It is all a matter of perspective: for the Egyptian it is his gods who are making the marvels (with an exception in Ipuwer, an instance where he admits it could be a god of one of the foreigners living in the delta - who could have sent the catastrophy). For the Moabites it is their pantheon sending the ire. For the Bible...

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Bányai Michael 

> It is hardly a *wonder* that the occurrences in the BOE are described as 
> "miracles" sent by the power of the Almighty.  The Egyptians would have viewed 
> them exactly the same--and so would all other ancient peoples.  King Ahmose I 
> inscribed at Karnak a great storm that came out of the western regions and caused 
> a great deal of noise ("greater than the sound of the cataract at Elephantine 
> or the roar of the masses") and a lot of flood damage.  It was, of course, 
> "sent by the power of Amun".
> The occasional thunderstorm is not unknown in the south of Egypt in the late 
> Fall--but in other months it doesn't rain at all.  These were not thought 
> remarkable.  But something remarkable must have occurred for Ahmose to inscribe it 
> at Karnak.  The text is called "The Tempest Stela".
> Marianne Luban
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