[b-hebrew] Isa. 9:5

Tony Costa tmcos at rogers.com
Tue Aug 3 11:27:55 EDT 2004

Peter Kirk wrote> "The Christian interpretation of 'EL
> GIBBOR may seem out of place in the context, but this kind of name made
> up of 'EL and a noun or adjective was reasonably common in pre-exilic
> times as a personal name and not considered a divine title."

If 'EL GIBBOR  was not considered a divine title, why is it used of Yahweh
in Isa.10:21? Is this not the only the place (9:5) where this title is
actually applied to a human being? In fact the word "wonderful" as a name in
9:5  is only used of God and never any human. (Judg.13:18; Isa. 25:1; 28:29)

Tony Costa

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