[b-hebrew] The unchangeable long vowel in Hiphil verb form

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Tue Aug 3 10:10:31 EDT 2004

Hallo all,

Page H. Kelly makes multiple remarks concerning the unchangeable vowel in
the Hiphil stem (hireq yod), IE that it does not become volatilised or
shortened before such things as pronoun suffixes and heavy suffixes for
example.  I am then taken by surprise at reading the following three
scriptures: 2 ch 28:15,  gen 3:21 and zech 3:5 where the verb "to clothe"
has lost the "Unchangeable Vowel" and has been assimilated into the middle
root consanant (I assume by the dagesh forte being there) and shortened to

Please can someone enlighten me if this is a common thing.

Thankyou Chris.

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