[b-hebrew] Evidence for the Exodus

Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Tue Aug 3 03:02:00 EDT 2004

Marianne Luban stated.

> If one could pinpoint the eruption on Thera exactly--that should be a good 
> clue.
> If there was any terrible time for the people in the area of the 
> Mediterranean,
> that would have been it.  Pumice from the eruption, one of the worst 
> catastrophes in the history of the ancient world, was discovered all the way to the 
> Black Sea.  And plenty of ash would have been blown westward, too.  I have a 
> website for addenda and corrections to my book.  It is at 
> http://www.geocities.com/scribelist/addenda.html
> There you can find some new info--as well as on websites discussing the 
> disaster.

Exactly what I mean by pointing on Ipuwer, on the Balaam text (Deir ´Alla) and by dating the exodus 1622. The Theran eruption is dated currently 1618 BC with some error marge. All three texts are reflections of this eruption event.

Against any odds, Thera being behind the visible horizon, the eruption was to be seen even in the Levante, since some outburst cloud was ejected in this direction. What the people might have seen, was this eruptive, hot cloud, seen from the Levante on grounds of perspective distortion like a pillar.

For example Balaam:

"The [Light] has shone its last;the Fire for [judgement] has shone."

"Sew up, bolt shut the sky with your cloud!Let darkness be there, and not brightness,gloom and not radiance;Yes, strike terror with the cloud of darkness,and do not remove it ever"

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