[b-hebrew] Evidence for the Exodus

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 2 18:28:16 EDT 2004

Stephen Segall <segall at umich.edu> wrote:
"..many biblical scholars contend that there is no evidence that the Exodus
actually took place..." 
 this is contrasted with a book that

."....shows that in addition toarcheological evidence and comparison with other ancient documents, the...accuracy with which the phenomena are described can give some indicationof the accuracy of the rest of the story. In the case of the Exodus, the
phenomena described are sufficiently rare and localized that there is
virtually no possibility they would have been included in the story if the
Exodus did not occur. ."

There is another approach. What we have in Exodus is a reflection in outline of memories of real events. These memories can be acccepted as genuine  for a bondage of some Hebrews in Egypt, a lucky escape of some of them , a leadership of a man whose name they remembered in truncated form, and, significantly,  the beginning of their new religion under a god who does not tolerate other gods. This outline can perhaps be broadened, but not to a point where hitsoriography, in the modern sense,  can be written.
All reconstructions as to dates, toponyms and so forth must remain speculative till new evidence turns up.
It needs hardly be pointed out that the ancient authors and redactors of these narratives would have been mortified by the possibility of natural exlanations that detract in any way Yahweh's ability tp perform miracles.

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