[b-hebrew] NooV or NiV, NUN-???-BET

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Mon Aug 2 11:13:39 EDT 2004

Hallo members,

I do not yet have a lexicon so i have to post this, please can you help.

Scripture: Isaiah 57:19 and Malachi 1:12.  This question is two fold.

1.   With shoshan these words are not listed under the root NUN-VAV-BET  nor
under NUN-BET (that is with a redundant holem vav.  Can someone advise

2.   I have a reference which states that the vowel pointing in Isaiah 57:19
could be NeeV instead of NoV.  (even though I know a VAV can never be an EE
sound)  What is the situation please.

Thanking you

Chris - Ireland.

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