[b-hebrew] Jerusalem, city or land?

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Naming an area after its main city is not uncommon. Remember that the area
to the north of Judah was called "Shomron" (Samaria). The Phoenicians were
called "Sidonians". Not to mentions names like "the land of Hamath". In
modern Arabic, "balad" is often used for a town and its immediate environs.

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> I hope this is not too off topic, but I was puzzled to read in Geza
Vermes. 'The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English' (New York: Penguin Books,
1997) on p.566 where he translates "A Jeremiah Apocryphon" (4Q384-5B). The
beginning line starts off, "...Jeremiah the Prophet [departed] from before
the Lord (YHWH)...[to accompany the] the captives who were taken from the
land of Jerusalem and came [to...Nebuchadnezzar,] king of Babel..." I am
puzzled by the expression "land of Jerusalem". Jerusalem is a city, and
always designated as such at least in the MT. I am wondering if anyone has a
clue as to why Jerusalem is designated as "land" here? Thanks.
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