[b-hebrew] Tammuz, image of (Ezek 8:14)

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Fri Apr 30 12:07:15 EDT 2004

Walter, did you know that "Tamuz" is thge name of one of the months of the Jewish calendar? In fact, all other names are also Akkadian. Interesting that  ancient Yahweh worshippers , possibly post-exilic, didn't mind adopting a name of  a pagan deity fo their month!

There were earlier names for months in the HB : the ordinal ones, such as the "first month' etc, and another incommplete set such as "the month of the spring" and so forth.

The earliest extant Heb. or Canaanite calendar division into units of two months each may be that of the Gezer Calendar, C. 10th cenury BCE.                                             

Best,  Uri

"Walter R. Mattfeld" <mattfeld12 at charter.net> wrote:Some might have an interest in an impression of a cylinder seal portraying
the god Tammuz that apostate Jewish women mourned in the Jerusalem Temple
according to Ezekiel (Ez 8:14) in one of my latest articles. Cf. the
following url if you've _never_ "seen" Tammuz (also called Dumuzi, which
means according to some scholars "righteous son.").


Regards, Walter

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld y de la Torre, M.A. Ed.
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