[b-hebrew] 1 Sam 5:6 ; Mice & Rats & Plague

Pastor Mark Eddy markeddy at adams.net
Thu Apr 29 23:04:39 EDT 2004

I haven't found any separate word for "rat" in Greek, but Josephus uses MUS when he retells the story from
1 Sam. 6 (Antiquities 6:3,10,15). He also refers to "mice" in Antiquities 10:19, where it is said that
they gnawed to pieces in one night both the bows and the rest of the armor of the Assyrians. Either there
were lots of mice, or the mice were (as big as) rats?
Mark Eddy

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> Perhaps the b-Greek folks would helpful?
> David Eugene Kimbrough
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> > So no, BH apparently does not have separate words for "mouse" and "rat".
> And furthermore the LXX rendering MUS does not prove anything since there
> seems to be no distinguishing word for *rat* in the lexical stock available
> to the LXX translators.
> Still working on this but so far have found no rats in Homeric/Attic/Koine.
> Would be pleased to hear from someone who can show me a Greek rat but so far
> have no takers.

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