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<<Original message from Phillip Brown on Qal Pasives>>

The lack of corresponding active forms (Dstem/Piel & Hstem/Hiphil) for the
suggested Qal passive forms was a fairly cogent argument for us when we
were trying to decide on the best designation of these forms in the Old
Testament Parsing Guide. The balance of the evidence for these forms,
taken as a whole, was that they did not present a consistent pattern of
Dstem or Hstem nuances. Also, the MT contains other examples of internal
vocalization (the internal or broken plural, cf. slaav, Num 11:32)
preserved in the MT, which may or may not have been recognized as such by
the Masoretes.

The OTPG was intended as a easy reference tool to the MT and each of the
authors had a high (or, at least, higher than many) view of the validity
of the Masoretic vocalization. The decision to cite the verbs in question
as Qal passives was a departure from our standard supposition and was
heavily influenced by all the factors stated so succinctly by Trevor

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