[b-hebrew] 1 Sam 5:6 ; Mice & Rats & Plague

david.kimbrough at CHARTER.NET david.kimbrough at CHARTER.NET
Wed Apr 28 23:57:41 EDT 2004


Before rambling on about rats and fleas, does BH, or even 
Modern Hebrew have different words for rat and mouse?

The rat flea prefers rats but will bite people.  The 
interaction between species is very subtile.  Large scale  
bubonic plauge epidemics largely vanished from Europe 
because the brown rat largely displaced the black.  Brown 
rats tend to stay further away from people than the black 
rat and may be less well liked than the black rat by rat 
fleas.  You are quite correct that in California, bubonic 
has been present for about 100 years but is largely found 
is squirrels and marmots, who do not live houses, like the 
black rat did.

Also, public officials monitor the squirrel populations and 
take preventative actions to minimize the spread of bubonic 
plague to humans.

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