[b-hebrew] Qal Passives vs. Pual suffix & Hophal prefix forms

A. Philip Brown II pbrown at GBS.EDU
Wed Apr 28 10:54:20 EDT 2004


Waltke-O'Conner argue that Pual suffix forms where the Piel and Hithpael of
the root are either unattested or attested only in a different sense and
that Hophal prefix forms where the Hiphil of the root is unattested or
attested only in a different sense are actually Qal passives (W-O, 22.6a).
They also note "various resulting asymmetries (e.g., Pual suffix forms and
Hophal prefix forms from the same root in the same sense) suggest the
existence of a Qal passive stem, as do the semantics of the forms."

Are there other more objective grounds for rejecting the Massoretic pointing
of such Pual suffix / Hophal prefix forms?

Does the lack of attestation in extant Biblical Hebrew actually warrant
their conclusions?

Thanks for your input.

Philip Brown
Cincinnati, OH

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