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Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Mon Apr 26 13:51:16 EDT 2004

Dear Ken,

>The only online source for Babylonian vocalization I know of is

HH: Thanks. I tried to read the article, and some Hebrew letters are 
visible, but many of the language representations, probably 
transliterations, use unreadable symbols. There are a lot of question 
marks. Is there a font that I need to download to read the article 
more easily.

If I download it, do I just put it with the other fonts? Thanks in 
advance for your help if you recognize my problem.

				Harold Holmyard

>The most accessible good English overview I know of is Saenz-Badillos' _A
>History of the Hebrew Language_ (Cambridge UP, 1993; ISBN 0521431573),
>section 4.4.
>Ken Penner, M.C.S. (Biblical Languages, Greek Focus), M.A. (Hebrew Poetry)
>Ph.D. (cand.), McMaster University
>pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
>Hebrew vocabulary software: http://s91279732.onlinehome.us/flash or
>>  Could someone point me to a good source on the web for
>>  information (including
>>  orthography) related to the Babylonian system of vocalizing
>>  Biblical Hebrew
>>  (in contrast to the Tiberian and Palestinian systems).
>>  If there are books in English, I'm happy to hear about those
>>  too.  (I know
>>  about Yeiven's book, but as far as I know it's only in Hebrew.)
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