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On 24/04/2004 10:26, CS Bartholomew wrote:

>On 4/24/04 8:06 AM, "Harold R. Holmyard III" <hholmyard at ont.com> wrote:
>>>Another example is how references in the text to
>>>the ìQueen of Heavenî (mele'kheth ha-shamayim,
>>>or maybe even malkat ha-shamayim) were corrupted
>>>by the punctuation to ìthe host of heavenî
>>>(melekheth ha-shamayim). (Jeremiah 7:18;
>>HH: My lexicons say that the form in the text of
>>BHS, MeLeKeT, is an unusual form meaning queen,
>>not host. You must be speaking of the variant
>>forms. I am not even sure that ML)KT means
>>"host." You yourself seem to be saying that ML)KT
>>means "queen.": "ìQueen of Heavenî (mele'kheth
>>ha-shamayim)." The LXX here has STRATIA, which
>>means "host." I don't know how the LXX derived
>>STRATIA, but it may be that they took the variant
>>ML)KT to represent MeLa)KaH, meaning workmanship
>>or property, from L)K, and translated it loosely
>>as "host."
>>Harold Holmyard
>LEH (1st ed) shows two conjectures:
>    *Jer 7:18 te stratia tou ouranou to the host of heaven ? cb) h#myM  or
>lmmlkt h#myM for MT lmlkt h#myM to the queen of heaven
I'm surprised there isn't a speculation listed something like lml)kt, 
perhaps le-mal'akot "to the (female) angels" or li-mle'ket "to the 
business" or "to the workmanship" (construct). I think this is what Noam 
was getting at although he got his apostrophes mixed up.

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