[b-hebrew] Names (was: variant pronunciation)

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Apr 24 11:06:49 EDT 2004

Dear Noam,

The first post does not seem a B-Hebrew topic, 
since this site, I believe, deals mostly with 
language, not theological reconstructions of 
events. I will respond off-list to it. I will 
respond on-list to your second comment:

>Another example is how references in the text to 
>the ìQueen of Heavenî (mele'kheth ha-shamayim, 
>or maybe even malkat ha-shamayim) were corrupted 
>by the punctuation to ìthe host of heavenî 
>(melekheth ha-shamayim). (Jeremiah 7:18; 

HH: My lexicons say that the form in the text of 
BHS, MeLeKeT, is an unusual form meaning queen, 
not host. You must be speaking of the variant 
forms. I am not even sure that ML)KT means 
"host." You yourself seem to be saying that ML)KT 
means "queen.": "ìQueen of Heavenî (mele'kheth 
ha-shamayim)." The LXX here has STRATIA, which 
means "host." I don't know how the LXX derived 
STRATIA, but it may be that they took the variant 
ML)KT to represent MeLa)KaH, meaning workmanship 
or property, from L)K, and translated it loosely 
as "host."

				Harold Holmyard

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