[b-hebrew] testing

Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
Sat Apr 24 00:13:36 EDT 2004

Well, it displayed on my computer.

I'm also having other problems.   Only Ezra SIL will display niqqud, and it
doesn't have a standard keyboard layout, which means the Hebrew learn to
type program won't work.

jAm I missing something?  You all sent stuff to me with the niqqud typed,
and it didn't look like unicode.    Stuff with the niqqud is all over the
web, too.

FRED disappears every time I press "enter".  How do you get from one line to
the next?

Unipad won't let you change the font.  It will let you install keyboards,
but it looks for a different type of file than my keyboards exist on.
Anyway to use it?

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
villandra at austin.rr.com
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See if first line displays in Hebrew.  Should be unicode.

Now how to add niqqud?   Can't figure it out in any of the fonts - unicode
or standard.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
villandra at austin.rr.com
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