[b-hebrew] Mark 15:34, Mat 27:46, & Psalm 22

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On 20/04/2004 07:03, Ken Penner wrote:

>Note that the question of the language of Jesus' cry of dereliction is obscured by the many orthographic textual variants among the manuscripts. Zahn's Introduction to the NT 15-16 has an informative discussion on these variants (but thinks Hebrew was not spoken at that time). Particularly interesting are Codex Bezae and the Syriac versions!

Well, the variants on Eli vs. Eloi are not that complex. In Matthew, the 
oldest MSS are rather equally split between Eli and Eloi. In Mark most 
MSS have Eloi, but a few, including Codex Bezae, go for Eli. Note that 
Eli seems to be always spelled with eta, and Eloi with epsilon. 
Nestle-Aland doesn't even give the Syriac here.

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