[b-hebrew] changes in 'th'

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Welsh has th as in the - and Engilsh must have gotten it somewhere.

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> Hi
> There are many changes in Euro linguistics!
> Spanish, English and I think partly Swedish have 'Th' all the other euro
> lingo's did not! Jews which have travelled through certain countries kept
> the 'th' like some Sephardics in old Synagogues, like in the phrase
> 'Miswath' instead of 'Mitzvah' or 'Mitsvah'. But when Israeli was
> it became simplified and the tenses where change to three instead of two
> like there is in the Torah Hebrew. So 'th' 'dh' and 'gh' have there place
> also the other interesting points are Shewa which has been traditionally
> done in Ashkenazi Synagogues where Sephardic is more linguistically
> practiced. Ayin and Aleph have both changed, when I looked into Yemenite I
> did not find the answer to help, I found that Yemenite was too Arabic in
> form. You have to look at other Semitic linguistics for help sometimes.
> With the Unicode it would be good to have a pronounced Shewa (Sheva) and a
> Distinction on the Kametz!
> Shalom
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