[b-hebrew] changes in 'th'

Bet_yaakov bet_yaakov at paradise.net.nz
Sun Apr 18 08:31:48 EDT 2004


There are many changes in Euro linguistics!

Spanish, English and I think partly Swedish have 'Th' all the other euro
lingo's did not! Jews which have travelled through certain countries kept
the 'th' like some Sephardics in old Synagogues, like in the phrase
'Miswath' instead of 'Mitzvah' or 'Mitsvah'. But when Israeli was Euro'ised
it became simplified and the tenses where change to three instead of two
like there is in the Torah Hebrew. So 'th' 'dh' and 'gh' have there place
also the other interesting points are Shewa which has been traditionally
done in Ashkenazi Synagogues where Sephardic is more linguistically
practiced. Ayin and Aleph have both changed, when I looked into Yemenite I
did not find the answer to help, I found that Yemenite was too Arabic in
form. You have to look at other Semitic linguistics for help sometimes.


With the Unicode it would be good to have a pronounced Shewa (Sheva) and a
Distinction on the Kametz!


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