[b-hebrew] Waw Consecutive in Narrative Hebrew Narrative

Alviero Niccacci alviero.niccacci at studiumbiblicum.org
Sun Apr 18 00:14:35 EDT 2004

Matt wrote:

>  The point that one of my teachers made is that since the book of Joshua
>  starts with a waw-consecutive, it is meant to be read as a continuation of
>  the Torah.  He made the point that throughout the TaNaK, there
>  are numerous
>  points where books start with a waw-consecutive and that this is
>  a literary
>  tool used by the authors to portray them as a linear story, and that we
>  should read them in that light.

Dear Matt,

this one of your teachers is correct in my view. If you read Italian, 
you may refer to my paper, "Organizzazione canonica della Bibbia 
ebraica. Tra sintassi e retorica": Rivista biblica 43 (1995) 9-29.
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