[b-hebrew] Re: +AFs-b-hebrew+AF0- Hebrew Translation and fonts need +ACI-Uniscribe+ACI-1.405.2416.1 or later

Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
Thu Apr 15 00:06:28 EDT 2004

I appear to have found an updated version of usp10.dll at

The article that led me to it said I didn't have to replace my system
version of usp10.dll+ADs- only put copies of the new one in my IE, OE and WORD
folders in the programs folder.   I also put copies of it in all subfiles
taht contain DLL's.

When I clicked on Regional settings in control panel, Hebrew is suddenly
available as an option.  Previously it was not.

If I select it, will ENGLISH no longer display?   So that I only want to
select it to work in Hebrew?

I have not tested it in either IE or OE yet to see how well it works.


Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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+ACI-Uniscribe+ACI-1.405.2416.1 or later

+AD4- The message below is an old message from this list.   It evolved into a
+AD4- discussion on open fonts - not which way I want to go.
+AD4- The file I keep getting told to download in order to display Hebrew on
+AD4- web pages, that I also need to display unicode Hebrew in Outlook Express,
+AD4- apparently called Unicode.   It specifically says to download Unicode,
+AD4- told me it didn't find it on my IE 5.5 installation CD.
+AD4- According to my research Unicode is also known as USP10.DLL, and also
+AD4- as +ACI-Uniscribe processor+ACI-.
+AD4- It ships with new versions of IE, WORD and other things.    But Microsoft
+AD4- does not still offer any freestanding version of its Hebrew language
+AD4- support.
+AD4- It turns out I actually have Unicode in my system file where it belongs -
+AD4- but it is too old.  I have version 1.0325.2180.1, at 337 K or something.
+AD4- Version 1.405.2416.1 was the first version to support Hebrew - and the
+AD4- message I am getting specifically says that the file I am looking for is
+AD4- K - though how it knows the size of the file if it can't find it and needs
+AD4- me to insert a +ACI-windows update CD+ACI- is beyond me.
+AD4- Peter Kirk sent me something he calls Hebrew Service Pack for IE 5.5 or
+AD4- something that I haven't tried to install yet because I don't know what it
+AD4- is and he didn't know if it would install.
+AD4- According to information on the web installing Hebrew support could be as
+AD4- easy  as booting my computer into DOS and switching USP10.DLL files.
+AD4- Apparently you can't switch it with Windows running because it is an
+AD4- system file.
+AD4- If someone has a version of IE - like IE 6, or WORD atleast 2000, or
+AD4- anything else that has a verison of Uniscribe that supports Hebrew, will
+AD4- they please e-mail me at villandra+AEA-austin.rr.com  a copy of their
+AD4- file.  It should be found in your Windows/ Winnt32 system folder.
+AD4- it is not ncessary to boot into DOS to copy it.
+AD4- Yours,
+AD4- Dora Smith
+AD4- Austin, Texas
+AD4- villandra+AEA-austin.rr.com
+AD4- +AD4- The issues of Hebrew fonts on and off the web, and unicode are
+AD4- +AD4- complex. The reason that many people have (limited) success with
+AD4- +AD4- displaying
+AD4- +AD4- Hebrew on their windows system is due to Uniscribe, which is a dll
+AD4- +AD4- (usp10.dll) in the windows+AFw-system directory that gives instructions to
+AD4- +AD4- windows programs as to how to arrange some of the Hebrew characters in
+AD4- +AD4- Hebrew unicode region. This is still however a problem, as
+AD4- +AD4- Uniscribe does a
+AD4- +AD4- fairly poor job at the moment. The best long term solution is open type.
+AD4- +AD4- There is only one open type Hebrew font that I know of, Guttman Vilna,
+AD4- +AD4- it is only available at the moment legally, as far as I know, with
+AD4- +AD4- XP. Open Type fonts are fonts that carry detailed instructions for how
+AD4- +AD4- render combinations of glyphs, which is what is needed for Hebrew
+AD4- +AD4- (mind you,
+AD4- +AD4- other languages are much more complex than Hebrew).
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