[b-hebrew] how to enable Hebrew language support for OE, IE 5.5, Windows 95a?

Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
Mon Apr 12 23:13:20 EDT 2004

I need to know how to enable Hebrew language support for Outlook Express and
Internet Explorer 5.5, with Windows 95a.

I tried to follow the directions at
http://www.geocities.com/fontboard/hebplk.html, for Windows 95, 98, ME or NT
4.0.   I got out one of my myriad install CD's that has IE 5.5, and
doubleclicked on the Installer.  I checked custom install or whatever.  I
scrolled down to Multilanguage support or whatever - but instead of getting
an option to click on Hebrew, I got a single option with one checkbox to
automatically detect other languages - and it said I didn't need to update
this feature.  I also found out that the IE 5.5 files I have installed are
more recent than those on any install CD (like roadrunner and earthlink)
that I could locate.  I updated it anyway.

I clicked on start, control panel, Regional Settings - and Hebrew is not one
of the options listed in the dropdown box.  Eight million versions of
English language support ARE listed, though.   ?????  I didn't know that
English English and American English used different versions of the

I clicked on the link to download Hebrew language support from Microsoft -
and hte link doesn't work.   I searched Microsoft web site for Hebrew and
Hebrew language support, and also looked over the updates page for Windows
95, which still exist even though the Microsoft web site says they don't -
and couldn't find Hebrew language support or any sort of language support.
I did find a notice that Microsoft isn't still offering Hebrew or other
language support as a separate download.   Whatever that means.

When I go on some Hebrew web sites I get a check box saying that I need to
download Hebrew language support, 449 K or something, and to insert my
windows update CD.  Then the Hebrew characters on the page display in
nonsense Latin letters with strange symbols.  Now, I have a Windows 95
update CD, but that was to update the computer to Windows 95 from Windows
3.1 - and the files are all CAB files.   I think it is referring to the
Hebrew Language Support that one is supposed to download from the Microsoft
web site that I could not find.

I have downloaded and installed umpteen Hebrew fonts, including Ezra, SILS,
DAvid and SBwhatever, and about three Hebrew keyboards, though I have no
idea what to do with any of them, and two text editors - and several copies
of a WORD DOT for Hebrew.

If someone has this 449 K Hebrew language support (possibly for Windows 95/
95a) that I am supposed to download, I would appreciate it if you would
e-mail it to me at villandra at austin.rr.com.

Otherwise, what should I do?

Dora Smith
villandra at austin.rr.com

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
villandra at austin.rr.com

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