[b-hebrew] 1 Samuel 3:1 - Paratz

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Rudy, I think you're missing the word )yn, "no". That's the "not" in the
translations. PRC has a basic meaning of "break out".  Xazon niprac would be
"vision (that is, prophecy) was out there". )eyn xazon niprac is "there was
no vision out there". Look at KJV: "there was no open vision".


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> Greetings,
> In the text above the JPS renders 'paratz' as 'not widespread' and
> similarly the NKJV renders the same word 'no widespread' yet in NIDOTTE
> the general usage is typically 'break through or burst out'. I
> understand that this verb form (niphal) only appears in this text so a
> proper understanding of this usage is a bit difficult for me to
> understand. Can anyone offer any insight into this?
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> Rudy
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