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Hi Rudy, 1 Chr 31:5, which uses the qal infinitive, may help.  vekiprots
haddabar..."And when the matter broke out..."  I guess the idea in 1 Chr is
that when the request spread, such and such happened.  The niphal often
expresses the passive of its qal counterpart, so a breaking out in qal
becomes a "being spread abroad" in niphal.  Hope this helps.

Shalom, Bryan

You wrote:

> Greetings,
> In the text above the JPS renders 'paratz' as 'not widespread' and
> similarly the NKJV renders the same word 'no widespread' yet in NIDOTTE
> the general usage is typically 'break through or burst out'. I
> understand that this verb form (niphal) only appears in this text so a
> proper understanding of this usage is a bit difficult for me to
> understand. Can anyone offer any insight into this?
> Regards,
> --
> Rudy

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