[b-hebrew] Tradition of Zechariah's Murder

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Just out of curiosity, I don't have the text in front of me, but does the pseudepigraphical text known as 'The Lives of the Prophets' mention anything about this re: Zechariah?

Tony Costa

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> On 4/5/04 3:23 AM, "George Athas" <gathas at hotkey.net.au> wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a tradition which claims that Zechariah ben-Berechiah (the
> > prophet) was murdered on the temple grounds? If so, references would be
> > appreciated.
> George,
> Nothing on Zechariah ben-Berechiah but
> concerning the disputed issue "who was murdered" according to
> Mt23:35/Lk11:51 you might take a look at Josephus Bel* 4:334-344 (iv. 6,4)
> and Targum Lam. ii.20.
> Targum Lam. ii.20
>  See, O Lord,    and observe from heaven against whom have you turned. Thus
> is it right    for the Daughters of Israel to eat the fruit of their wombs
> due    to starvation, lovely children wrapped in fine linen? The Attribute
> of Justice replied, and said, " Is it right to kill priest and prophet in
> the Temple of the Lord , as when you killed Zechariah son of Iddo, the High
> Priest and faithful prophet in the Temple of the Lord on the Day of
> Atonement    because he told you not to do evil before the Lord?"
> Translated    by C. M. M. Brady
> http://www.tulane.edu/~ntcs/meg/tglam.htm
> greetings,
> Clay Bartholomew 
> *Could not locate this in Winston's translation, numbering system seems to
> be different.
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