[b-hebrew] Tradition of Zechariah's Murder

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Mon Apr 5 13:32:58 EDT 2004

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> Does anyone know of a tradition which claims that Zechariah ben-Berechiah (the
> prophet) was murdered on the temple grounds? If so, references would be
> appreciated.


Nothing on Zechariah ben-Berechiah but
concerning the disputed issue "who was murdered" according to
Mt23:35/Lk11:51 you might take a look at Josephus Bel* 4:334-344 (iv. 6,4)
and Targum Lam. ii.20.

Targum Lam. ii.20
 See, O Lord,    and observe from heaven against whom have you turned. Thus
is it right    for the Daughters of Israel to eat the fruit of their wombs
due    to starvation, lovely children wrapped in fine linen? The Attribute
of Justice replied, and said, " Is it right to kill priest and prophet in
the Temple of the Lord , as when you killed Zechariah son of Iddo, the High
Priest and faithful prophet in the Temple of the Lord on the Day of
Atonement    because he told you not to do evil before the Lord?"

Translated    by C. M. M. Brady

Clay Bartholomew 
*Could not locate this in Winston's translation, numbering system seems to
be different.

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