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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Sep 30 13:30:01 EDT 2003

On 30/09/2003 10:21, Karl Randolph wrote:

>To All:
>After writing a note last night questioning if some of the lexemes in the dictionary are merely alternate spellings, does it make sense that I should come on today asking if we should add one? Especially when in this case I don’t have an alternate spelling to back me up?
>While reading Proverbs 30 this morning, it struck me that the last of the four objects moving is that of the conquering fellow “into the unknown”. A possible pronunciation being “derek geber be‘alumah”.
>Linguistically, the proposed (LMH “‘alumah” comes from the root (LM meaning “to be unknown or make unknown”, so the meaning fits.
>Psychologically, there is a constant desire of men to challenge  the unknown, whether it is to explore new frontiers, make new discoveries or invent that which has not appeared before.
>So here I have the parallelism of the context in the verse, linguistic possibility and psychological insight that suggests that (LMH read as “‘alumah” “unknown” is a proper lexeme that fits this verse.
>Even this question is my road into the unknown and youall keep shooting me down often enough, but I’m learning.    :-)
>Karl W. Randolph.
Karl, what have you against the traditional translation "the way of a 
man with a maiden"? No need to invent a new lexeme, we have the 
well-known 'alma = young woman, virgin. Sounds like it fits the context 
very well - at least to me whose lack of success means that this way 
remains a mystery to me :-( ;-)

Peter Kirk
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