[b-hebrew] elohim versus aggelous, Psalm 8:6[5] MT versus LXX

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On Fri 26 Sep 2003 (06:26:43), phil-eng at ighmail.com wrote:
> Why does elohim occur in MT Psalm 8:6[5], whereas aggelous occurs in
> LXX Psalm 8:6[5]?

 Dear Phil,

 Perhaps the LXX panel of 70 translators felt that making man only a little
 lower than *God* was a bit presumptious, so they substituted "a little lower
 than the angels". 'e:LoHiYM can be applied generally to celestial beings
 rather than to God Himself (1 Samuel 28:13), but angels are more usually
 referred to as "sons of God" (eg Genesis 6:2, Job 38:7) rather than "gods".

 The clear reference to Man as being created in the Image of God (Genesis
 1:26-27) makes the direct comparison with God Himself appropriate. The RV,
 the RSV and the NRSV opt for "God" rather than "angels" or "heavenly beings". 
 Man is crowned King of Creation in verse 6[7]; compare Genesis 1:28. No
 angel, not even HeY:LaL / Lucifer was given this distinction. Compare also
 Job 7:17. God made Man in His Image, only a "little lower" than Himself.


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