[b-hebrew] Consecutive waw in Lev .22:7 ?

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at cua.edu
Mon Sep 29 10:56:44 EDT 2003

>===== Original Message From furuli at online.no =====
>Dear Trevor,
>With all due respect, I beg to disagree with your words regarding
>the "converted perfect ...that covers the same basic range as the

I know you disagree, but I'm not going to argue the issue with you. Until you 
persuade the world of BH scholarship that your view is correct, I'm afraid 
we're going to have conflicting analyses. In the meantime, people who ask 
questions such as the one that began this thread will still need 
straightforward answers. Perhaps the approach that formed the context of the 
question does not satisfy you, but in this particular instance, there was an 
obvious and straightforward resolution to the problem that did not require a 
paradigm shift. I happen to think that such an answer is probably more 
helpful, given the nature of the inquiry. If you have a better answer to the 
original question, you might offer it.

Trevor Peterson

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