[b-hebrew] Variants of YHWH in the BHS Text

Jason Hare jason at hareplay.com
Sun Sep 28 19:50:53 EDT 2003

> Jason, I have never suggested that the first he is an unpronounced
> mater. There is no need to insert a vowel after he to make sure it is
> pronounced. In the form I preferred, where it is pointed with a sheva,
> it is a fully pronounced root consonant, as always when non-final, even
> in LIH:YOWT etc. And he can be pronounced word finally, when it is
> pointed with mappiq to indicate that it is not a mater. This accords
> with the general rule that a base letter with any kind of pointing is
> never silent, but that a non-final base letter without pointing, unless
> followed by full holem or shuruq, is silent.


I wasn't suggesting that the H in LiH:YoWT was a mater. I just wanted to
clarify quickly. I know it is pronounced. However, I think the tendency is
*not* to pronounce the first H in YHWH. And, of course, there is a
difference between a mappik H and a mater. Yet, I just think it fits better
to give it a stronger connection with the next syllable, especially given
the attraction of H and X to patach (A).

This is just my suggestion. I am kinda wondering if anyone else has come
across it.


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