[b-hebrew] Variants of YHWH in the BHS Text

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Sat Sep 27 17:15:17 EDT 2003

On 27/09/2003 12:15, David P Donnelly wrote:

> Peter Kirk said:
> >>>
> In my scholarly opinion,
> rather than belief,
> this is already happening. 
> What is probably the original pronunciation is well known,
> and some people pray to God using that name.
> I don't suggest this has any  special  significance.
> >>>
> Dave asks Peter Kirk:
> Are you allowed to make known
> "what is probably the original pronunciation" of YHWH,
> on this discussion board?
> Dave Donnelly

Well, out of respect for those who prefer not to see it written too 
explicitly, I will just say that I would point it with 
patah-sheva-segol. That seems to be the majority scholarly opinion, 
based for example on a Greek rendering IAOUE - in which OU, 
omicron-upsilon, is a digraph pronounced like English "oo" or sometimes 
more like "w" (cf. French "oui" which is pronounced rather like English 

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