[b-hebrew] Proverbs 26:21 hoarse?

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Sat Sep 27 17:09:18 EDT 2003

Hi Karl,

Roots are theoretical entities.  As I understand it, if the lexicographers
find even slight evidence for a root they are likely to write an article for
it, never wanting to be overly reductionist.  ;-)

The best evidence in the Holy Scriptures for a root xrr is Pro 26:21
lexarxar.  If it is indeed an infinitive, it looks to be derived from xrr.
Such a root is also attested in Ugaritic pre-dating the Tanakh as well as
post-biblical Hebrew, not to mention other cognate languages such as Syriac
and Accadian, so the lexicographers seem justified in inferring xrr.

For fun I ask if Gesenius' comments about repeated syllables or root letters
applies to a well-stoked flame: "used of movements repeated in quick
succession" (section 55e) and "commonly expresses rapidly repeated movement,
which all languages incline to indicate by a repetition of the sound"
(section 55f)!


You wrote:
> I took a further look at my concordance, and now wonder if the lexical
entry XRR is a legitimate word. It is never used as a chet resh resh in the
text, and if it were not for the vowels, would it be differentiated from
XRH? Even its meaning seams almost identical with XRH. Connecting XRH to
this verse fits as well.

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