[b-hebrew] Variants of YHWH in the BHS Text

Charles David Isbell cisbell at cox.net
Fri Sep 26 09:58:00 EDT 2003

David Donnelly wrote: "The Jewish people must have been aware that the
Rabbinic Bible of 1525, preserved God's name as "Yehovah"
[yod-shewa-he-holem-vav-gamets-he] over 6000 times."

I am aware that some on this list need to believe fervently that the sacred
name of God is to be pronounced Jehovah. I have two responses. [1] Knock
yourself out. You have my blessing to pronounce the name of your deity any
way you wish.

[2] Kindly stop trying to speak for "the Jewish people." We have NEVER used
that pronunciation, and it was not a Jew who made the childish error of
reading Ktiv consonants with Qere vowels.

Charles David Isbell

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