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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Thu Sep 25 10:06:18 EDT 2003

On 25/09/2003 06:41, David P Donnelly wrote:

> Concerning the holem being centered between
> the right side of the vav
> and the left side of the he
> in YHWH at Genesis 3:14 in the Leningrad Codex,
> Peter Kirk said
> >>>
> This is the typical position of holam in the Leningrad codex,
> on any  word,
> not just the divine name,
> and before any letter,
> not just vav. 
> It  is a later convention to shift holam to the left when followed by a 
> silent vav and sometimes a silent alef,
> and to the right otherwise.
> >>>
> Dave asks Peter:
> Isn't the holem shifted to the top right of the vav,
> when the holem is followed by a silent vav.

Yes, this is the modern convention used in the printed BHS and most 
other texts. L, written nearly 1000 years ago, does not follow the 
modern convention.

> In Joshua 1:1 in the BHS text,
> the holem is placed at the top right of the vav in Yehowshua/Yehoshua.
> The holem in effect follows the he,
> and I thought that this holem was followed by a  silent vav,


> although by James Strong's convention,
> he appears to write the silent vav as the "w" in Yehowshua
> [e.g. Hebrew word #3091  
> Doesn't the "w" in James Strong's transliteration of Hebrew word #3091,
> [by convention]
> indicate a silent vav??????????

All I know about Strong's transliteration is that it is very misleading.

> The KJV translates Numbers 13:16 as Jehoshua [not Jehowshua] .

And everywhere else (except 1Ch 7:27 "Jehoshuah") it renders the same 
Hebrew form as Joshua. All this proves is that KJV is inconsistent.

If  you want to know Hebrew, look at the Hebrew text and not  KJV or Strong.

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