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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Sep 24 10:18:43 EDT 2003

On 24/09/2003 06:13, David P Donnelly wrote:

>I own a Facsimile Edition of the Leningrad Codex.
>I have been examining the Leningrad Codex 
>at both Genesis 3:14 
>and at Genesis 9:26
>In both of these verse in the BHS Text,
>YHWH is found in the Hebrew word #3068 form.
>[e.g. yod-simple shewa-he-holem-vav-qamets-he]
>In the BHS Text the holem is found at the top right of the vav
>in YHWH in the above two verses.
>In the Leningrad Codex the holem is found in the space between the vav
>and the first he in YHWH in the above two verses.
>A portion of the holem is above the top right of the vav.
>A portion of the holem is above the top left of the first he.
This is the typical position of holam in the Leningrad codex, on any 
word, not just the divine name, and before any letter, not just vav. It 
is a later convention to shift holam to the left when followed by a 
silent vav and sometimes a silent alef, and to the right otherwise. And 
an even later one to confuse the two positions of holam on vav, in the 
vowel-only holam male (full holam or holam-vav combination) and the 
consonant-vowel sequence of vav followed by holam. See 

>Copyright laws prevent me from legally scanning these two verses 
>and sending them as e-mail attachments.
Even small extracts for scholarly study purposes?

The images from L in 
http://www.qaya.org/academic/hebrew/Issues-Hebrew-Unicode.html were 
taken from extracts on other web sites. My scans from BHS are legal as I 
understand it.

>Dave Donnelly

Peter Kirk
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