[b-hebrew] elohim means God in the majority of cases?

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Wed Sep 24 08:07:02 EDT 2003

A referent, yes; a name, no.  Elohim is a title.  I can think of no verse in 
the Hebrew Bible where it is written, 'My name is God.'  I can think of many 
verses where it is written, 'My name is YHWH.'  The difference may seem subtle, 
but it is there.

Solomon Landers

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> Thanks Arne and others.
> Would you agree with the statement below by Robert Baker Girdlestone1, that
> out of the 2, 602 occurrences of the word elohim in the Hebrew Bible, " In
> 2310 of these instances, it is used as the name of the living and true God,
> but in 245 passages it appears to be adopted in lower senses", i.e. gods,
> godlike ones, angels

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