[b-hebrew] Psalm 19:2-3

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> Esther 3:7 again is not adverbial, for Haman cast lots for each day and each
> month to find the most auspicious day for his bloody deed.

Esth. 3:7 bxd# hr)#wN hw) xd# nysN b#nt #tyM (#rh lmlK )x#wrw# hpyl pwr hw)
hgwrl lpny hmN mywM lywM wmxd# lxd# #nyM (#r hw) xd# )dr s

BDB page 400 (left col. bottom) equates mywM lywM in Esth 3:7
with mywM )l ywM in 1Chr. 16:23 and glosses it "from day to day."

1Chr. 16:23 #yrw lyhwh kl h)rC b#rw mywM )l ywM y#w(tw

Of course BDB are not infallible just like Waltke/O'Conner are not
infallible even though I have known people, 30 years ago, who thought Waltke
was something comparable to a greek god, I don't think he has ever claimed
to be infallible. I met him once a decade ago. Seemed rather human :-)

Clay Bartholomew 

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